Recent coding projects while attending school (and beyond)

GitHub Source Control

Using GitHub is an integral part of any project: starbuck93.

Mobile App

Using Corona SDK, I have an app on the Google Play Store and (back in 2015) web apps in development.

For-Class Web Projects

You can test these out using the username "test@test" and password "test".

Hacking Home Automation

Discovering home automation was fantastic, but there was no desktop UI for actually turning WeMo lights on and off. So we figured out after a lot of research that we could indeed control our lights from a website that we built and hosted locally.

We call the project Dashlight (see demo here) and you can download it through npm for yourself.

Building a Chrome and corresponding Firefox extension to skip linked-advertisements.

This project ended in 2016, but it was awesome to see a few hundred people using a tiny service.

Web Apps

Also, using Framework7, I built a web based mobile app for PrimeTime FEC Employees to solve a few problems with keeping track of error reporting and other procedures around the workplace.

(Card) Game Scorekeeper

I made this in one day to facilitate the scorekeeping of one of my family's favorite games called "Golf". There is one scorekeeper and everyone else can watche the scores from round to round. Then after the game is over, you can go back and view previous games that have been played.

Languages other than English:

  • C++
  • Python
  • PHP

Operating systems:

  • Modern Windows
  • Debian-based Linux [Ubuntu 12-17.x (and server versions)]
  • Raspberry Pi (Raspian)

Checking the stock of...

the Raspberry Pi Zero

Here's a live preview. This does not work anymore, unfortunately. But thankfully the Pi Zero is widely available now.

This used to allow you to get a notification when the stock went above zero!